ISO 9001, AS4801, ISO 14001 Certifications

Hoshizaki Lancer are proud that our head office at Beverley, South Australia has satisfied the requirements to achieve the following TQCSI Certifications:

  • ISO 9001 Quality Certification
  • AS 4801 Safety Certification
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Certification

This makes us the only Australian company in our industry to achieve all three certifications.

ISO 9001 Quality Certification specifies requirements of a quality management system. It focuses on the effectiveness of the quality management system in meeting customer requirements.

AS 4801 Safety Certification specifies requirements of a safety management system and focuses its effectiveness. The overall aim of the standard is to support the achievement of the highest levels of OHS performance through systematic elimination or reduction of workplace risks.

ISO 14001 Environmental Certification demonstrates sound environmental performance by controlling the impacts of activities consistent with their environmental policy, and regulatory requirements as well as voluntary objectives.

Independent external audits and review of our quality, safety and environmental systems were conducted by TQCS International prior to our certification. TQCS International will regularly audit our systems to ensure they continue to conform to the standards.

Further details regarding our certification can be found on TQCS International's website.





HACCP Accreditation

Our Hoshizaki Ice Machines and Refrigerators as well as our Lancer Draught Beer Dispensing Systems are HACCP accredited.

A world first for Beer Systems.

  • Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) is the main platform for International legislation and good manufacturing practices for all sectors of the food industry
  • HACCP also forms a key component of many certified compliance standards and is recognized as a main element of international trade in food products
  • HACCP is a risk management tool recognized internationally for use in the pro active management of food safety issues





WaterMark Certification

The WaterMark Code requires that plumbing and drainage products must have a WaterMark certification. Without this certification, they cannot be legally installed in accordance with Australian State and Territory plumbing legislation.

A WaterMark licence confirms that the product complies with the requirements of the Plumbing Code of Australia and the specifications listed in relevant Australian Standards. The specifications relate to the quality of the product, including aspects of health and safety, and warrant that it is fit for purpose. Use of the WaterMark is not limited to goods manufactured in Australia; it may be used on goods imported into Australia.

State, territory and local governments collectively ensure compliance with the Plumbing Code, including the requirement that only WaterMarked products are installed. Plumbers are required to meet the appropriate standards under their licence, with inspections carried out on building sites, mainly in relation to new buildings, by plumbing regulators.

Australian consumers can be confident about the quality of plumbing and draining products certified with the WaterMark.